Japanese sliding doors


Sliding doors and accessories are made of natural materials - wood and special paper. Traditional Japanese sliding doors are adjusted to modern interiors, whereas the basic idea of the design remains untouched. The structure is light, the doors slide open and thus save the space required by classic doors.


Japanese screens


paravani paneli pregrade stan prostorija osvetljenje japanski namestaj intimnost

Screens - Originally being Japanese, Shoji screen is an excellent way to revive your apartment without taking up too much space. Thin transparent paper is perfect as a screen or for back light adjustments. For example, it can be used as a fold up/fold out screen, for improvised room divisions, so that the sleeping area is completely separated from the rest of the room. Screens offer full privacy and intimacy.

Modern design of the traditional Japanese Shoji dividers includes extremely adjustable accessories for every home. They are light and portable pieces of furniture. They look beautiful and are used for room divisions or separating one area in a room. More importantly, Shoji screens can satisfy the need for privacy, especially if you live in a small confined space.





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